Welcome to Dayara Resort, Your Luxury Hotel in Uttarkashi

Dayara Resort is one of the british colonial styled resort in Uttarkashi, nestled in the heart of Garhwal hills.The cottages and  dormitories are specially designed to make the customers stay comfortable. Enjoy clear view of snow-capped Shrikanth Peak and Draupadi Ka Danda from the open verandas of the rooms.

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Do’s and Dont’s while staying at Hotel

Are you planning for short term vacation and searching for the best Hotel and Resort for Trekking and Hiking in Uttrakhand, then go for Dayara Resorts. It is located in the heart of the Garhwal hills and has good connectivity with the nearest trekking and hiking spots. The booking is available both online and offline. Dayara Resort is considered the first choice among the visitors when you are looking for a Luxury hotel in uttarkashi

Our hotel is the best among the other Hotel in Uttarkashi in terms of facilities and Services. We always look forward keeping the interest of our customers at the first place.

Staying at Hotel can be the best experience for you and it can be made as pleasant as possible and all depends on you. Considering the security and privacy, here are some Do’s and Dont’s while staying at Hotel:


  • ● Make sure your room is all set before you check in the room.
  • ● Ask the staff to replace the Bedsheetsinfront of you if it seems dirty or not exchanged.
  • ● Cross-check that all the facilities provided in the Hotel like TV connection, WiFi, AC’s, etc are working in good condition.
  • ● If there is any fault contact the concerned person and talk with them politely.
  • ● Stick a ‘Do not Disturb’ tag on the door if you do not want to wish anyone to enter your room unnecessarily.
  • ● Follow the smoking and drinking restrictions of the Hotel.
  • ● If you feel unwell due to sudden place or climate change take sufficient rests and spek to the caretaker for consulting the nearest doctor.
  • ● Have control over your spendings on food.
  • ● Take proper guidance from the concierge.


  • ● Do not invite strangers into your rooms.
  • ● Do not disturb your neighbouring guests by playing loud music.
  • ● Do not leave your valuable things lying around.
  • ● Do not shout at Hotel staff, treat them politely.
  • ● Do not steal the bathrobes, bed linen, irons, etc. If you are caught Hotel Management has the right to take legal action against you.
  • ● Do not piss in the swimming pool.
  • ● Try not to buy bottles from the minibars as they charge extra, prefer to buy from the local bar.
  • ● Do not entertain anyone claiming as a hotel staff into your room if he/she does not display an ID card.