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Dayara Resort is one of the british colonial styled resort in Uttarkashi, nestled in the heart of Garhwal hills.The cottages and  dormitories are specially designed to make the customers stay comfortable. Enjoy clear view of snow-capped Shrikanth Peak and Draupadi Ka Danda from the open verandas of the rooms.

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Few reasons why you should visit Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi is a town in Uttarakhand state of India situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi or yamuna ji having two Dham Gangotri or yamunotri. In Hindi, Uttarkashi means northern Kashi. Kashi is an ancient holy place of the Hindu religion, present day it's known as Varanasi. The temples in Uttarkashi are dedicated to several Gods that include Goddess ,shiva, Durga shakti,Lord Hanuman, Dattatreya, Parshuram, Bhairav, Laksheswar, Annapurna, Ekadashrudra, and many more.

Uttarkashi is also known as Somya Kashi and Shivnagri and is a popular religious place, famous for its hills and adventures like trekking and hiking. The town is situated on the Himalayas and is believed to be sacred and hence famous for its spiritual and tourist centers. Surrounded by greeneries all around, Uttarkashi has multiple stunning spots and it gets enveloped by snow in the winter.

According to Uttarakhand Tourism, the best time to visit Uttarkashi is from March to November. The town has many Hotels and Resorts to stay in offering modern facilities.

A few reasons why you should visit Uttarkashi

Spiritual place

Uttarkashi is one of the spiritual destinations of the Hindu religion and an important town of Uttarakhand. Uttarkashi have Two Dham Gangotri and yamunotri Lakh of hindu pilgrims visit dham for moksha there ancestors. There are many Yoga Gurus and Rishis dwell in the Himalayas to study and spread the knowledge of advanced Yoga and Vedas.

Tourist attractions

  • 1. Dayara Bugyal is beautiful high altitude meadow of Uttarkashi which is at a height of 3048 meter. The splendid veiw of the Himalayas can be sewn from here. To reach Dayara Bugyal you need to trek for 8km from the Barsu village.

  • 2. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) in Uttarkashi offers training in mountaineering and is one of the top Mountaineering institutes in India. You can visit the campus and witness the lush green beauty along with the training facilities.

  • 3. Barsu village is Base point of Dayara Bugyal where you can start your trek. You can see Himalyan view named srikhant peak,jonali peak or DKD which are more then 21000 feet height

  • 4. There are also many picnic spots Uttarkashi like Dayara bugyal, Barnala lake, Surya top,Barsu,,Harsil,Nelang valley.

  • 5. Barnala lake beginner can injoy skiing in the month of December to March


  • Village tourism Barsu is a famous nature camping site that is 40km from Uttarkashi. The local villagers offer hospitality services like hotels and cottages. The holy Ganga river flows through Uttarkashi. The place is ideal for activities like camping, bird watching, trekking, angling, skiing etc.

  • Trekking Uttarkashi is one of the top destinations for trekking with routes to Dayara Bugyal, Gidara Bugyal, Surya top and Dodital trek.

  • Camping The town with beautiful lush meadows has several spots suitable for camping.

  • Angling Angling is popular in Uttarkashi since the time of British rule and the suitable season is between April and June. The angling on the Assi Ganga river is old. Remember tourists need to take permission in advance from the local Forest Officer for angling.

How to reach

  • By roadways Uttarkashi is well connected by road to the major cities of Uttarakhand. It is 140 km from Dehradun and 115 km from Mussoorie.

  • By railways Rishikesh is the nearest railway station which is 143 km away, from there you need to travel by bus or book a taxi.

  • By airways Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Uttarkashi which is 160 km away.

Where to stay

Since Uttarkashi is a famous tourist destination in Uttarakhand many Hotels and Resorts in Uttarkashi are available for a comfortable stay. Some hotels or resorts even have trekking and hiking spots adjacent to their site. Dayara Resorts offers a budget-friendly stay in its Hotel in Uttarkashi. Many other luxury hotels in Uttarkashi are also available that can be found on leading hotel booking sites

Nearby Destinations

  • Harsil The small peaceful place on the Himalayas is surrounded by snow mountains, and forests and is also called the mini Switzerland of India.

  • Gangotri The sacred town has a temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga. The holy Ganga river originates from the Gangotri glacier, 19km away from Gangotri town. Gangotri is one of the char dhams.

  • Yamunotri This is also one of the char dhams and place of origin of the holy river Yamuna and the town is covered by icy peaks and glaciers.

  • Dayara Bugyal Bugal is famous for its lush green medows or Himalayas view.

Uttarakhand is a hub of beautiful places because of the Himalayas. If you are expecting adventures and a spiritual destination in one place, then Uttarkashi is the best place to visit.