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Dayara Resort is one of the british colonial styled resort in Uttarkashi, nestled in the heart of Garhwal hills.The cottages and  dormitories are specially designed to make the customers stay comfortable. Enjoy clear view of snow-capped Shrikanth Peak and Draupadi Ka Danda from the open verandas of the rooms.

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Gangotri dham in Uttarkashi

Gangotri Dham is a shrine to the goddess Ganga. The Ganga River is the purest river in Hinduism and the most revered river. The water of the Ganga is regarded the purest water and is used in numerous Hindu rites for family well-being. Devotees visit Gangotri Dham because it is the location where the holy river Ganga arrived on Earth following King Bhagirath's meditation.

What attracts pilgrims to visit Gangotri Dham?

Gangotri Temple

Maa Ganga's simple house by the bank of the Bhagirathi River is a picture of calm. The famous temple in Uttarakhand's Uttarkashi region is one of four pilgrimages in the Chota Char Dham circuit of the Garhwal Himalayas, just 70km away from Dayara Resort, a luxury hotel in Uttarkashi.

The majestic Himalayan mountain range and the flowing Bhagirathi river by the side provide an ideal location to witness the life-giving, peaceful yet mighty deity. Before entering the main shrine, travelers must bathe in the pious river's crystal clear waters.

Underwater Shivling

A Shivling built of natural rock is immersed in water and can be seen during the winter when the water recedes. It is claimed to be the seat on which Lord Shiva sat while tying Ganga in his matted hair. Shiva freed the earth from the immense force of Devi Ganga by dividing it into seven streams.

Gaumukh and Tapovan

To observe the holy birth of the Ganges at Gaumukh, one can embark on a scenic and thrilling trip surrounded by peaks and towering peaks. One can continue the trip to Tapovan, which is roughly 4 kilometers from Gaumukh. Tapovan includes meadows, gorgeous flowers, streams, and breathtaking vistas of adjacent Himalayan peaks including Shivling and Bhagirathi. Tapovan is also a base camp for a variety of mountaineering expeditions.

Bhairon Nath Temple in Bhairon Ghati

The temple of Bhairon Nath is located about 10 km downstream from Gangotri, near the confluence of the Jadh Ganga (also known as the Jhanvi River), and merged with Bhagirathi. According to mythology, Lord Shiva picked Bhairon Nath to be the region's defender. Every visit to the Gangotri temple should be followed by a visit to the Bhairon temple.

Moving around 3 km from Bhairon Ghati, one can reach Lanka Chatti to see one of the region's highest river crossings; the bridge over River Jhanvi is quite a spectacle in and of itself.

What is the perfect time to visit Gangotri?

Although Gangotri is frigid virtually all year, the ideal time to visit is between April and June, and September and October. Summers in Gangotri are pleasant, making it a great time to pay tribute to the temple. The monsoon season is characterized by excessive rainfall, making travel more difficult. Winters are very cold here, with heavy snowfall making the weather uncomfortably cold.

Hotel in Uttarkashi

If you are planning a trip to Gangotri and are looking for luxury hotels in Uttarkashi, Dayara Resort is only 70 meters from the Gangotri Temple. The glass-covered terrace of this hotel provides the best view of the sacred River Ganga as well as the temple. Delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are also offered. They also give other services such as hot water, drinking water, CCTV surveillance, and so on

While staying at this property, you may enjoy the gorgeous views and a variety of additional amenities at a moderate fee. Book the best resort in Uttarkashi with Dayara Resort.

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