Welcome to Dayara Resort, Your Luxury Hotel in Uttarkashi

Dayara Resort is one of the british colonial styled resort in Uttarkashi, nestled in the heart of Garhwal hills.The cottages and  dormitories are specially designed to make the customers stay comfortable. Enjoy clear view of snow-capped Shrikanth Peak and Draupadi Ka Danda from the open verandas of the rooms.

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To do things at Dayara Resort

Dayara Hotel and resort in Uttarkashi is a perfect starting point for outdoor activities and relaxation, combined with adventure. It helps and facilitate you to organize your Hikes and Treks Visit to the Holy shrine of Gangotri, Hot spring at Gangnani, Harshil, Gomukh, Gangotri National Park and the Nelong Valley, Hiking and trekking through local villages, Close by Girafall, Mathiyana Top or high altitude trekking at Dayara Bugyal, Barnala Lake, Surya Top, Dodi Tal, Gidara.

Himalaya, the "Abode of Gods" with its magnificent and enchanting mountains inspires everyone. The gigantic mountains, open valley's lush green forests, gently sloping hillside meadows, majestic snow-clad peaks. One can sense of human relationship to external nature that is religious and spiritual in its scope and intensity. They're nestled in the heart of Garhwal hills is Dayara Resort, at Barsu in the footsteps of Dayara, also the best Hotel and resort near Gangotri in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand.

About 16 km from Malla, which is 28 km from Uttarkashi on Gangotri road, the meadow of Kush- Kalyan, is situated at an elevation of 3141 m. The trek is steep through dense forests and the meadow extends towards the east for about 20 km up to Sahastra Tal (4371 m) and 30 km towards west to Belak Khal (92571 m). Further west, it extends up to Chaurangi-Khal. Trekking along this range is an enjoyable experience. During winter all these places offer huge expanse of ski-slopes.

This Hotel and Resort in Uttarakhand is nestled in the lap of snow-capped peaks of Garhwal Himalayas at a 6km trekking distance before the dayara bugyala at village Barsu. At an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. So, it is a perfect starting point for outdoor activities.